New Self Builds

  • Grogan

    Self builder creates healthy home for his family

    A heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) system from ADM has proven to be an excellent choice for one household in Derby.

    The main reasons the Grogan family opted for heat recovery ventilation were to reduce window condensation as well as benefit from clean fresh pollen-free filtered air...

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  • Blackledge

    ADM helps create eco home

    A homeowner in Preston, Lancashire, has specified a heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) system from ADM as part of achieving his eco home vision.

    ADM supplied the MVHR system to John Blackledge, who had commissioned SIPS@Clays LLP to build his new house using a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) systems...

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  • Heath

    MVHR system eliminates condensation issues

    A heat recovery with mechanical ventilation (MVHR) system hashelped a self-build couple avoid increases in their heating bills, even when they built a house three times the size.

    That has been a huge achievement as the owners of the 4000 square foot, award winning timber frame eco-home had previously lived in a two bedroom bungalow...

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  • adm-casestudy102

    MVHR system proves 'sound investment' for award winning property

    An award-winning new build house in Derby has installed an ADM Systems heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR) to improve the building's acoustic performance as well as its energy efficiency.

    The system was initially designed only for mechanical ventilation as the owner had experienced issues with noise entering a previous property through trickle vents in the window frame...

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  • Private

    Heat Recovery and Heat Pump perfect combination

    After carefully considering all of the alternatives, a homeowner in North Lincolnshire calculated that a heat recovery with mechanical ventilation (MVHR) system, combined with a Ground Source Heat Pump(GSHP) would provide optimum levels of energy efficiency and comfort.

    The family of four completed their contemporary self build earlier this year. Sustainability and energy efficiency were driving principles on all aspects of the build...

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  • Robinson

    MVHR system avoids the need for unsightly and energy wasteful trickle vents

    ADM Systems has helped a homeowner in Devon achieve high levels of energy efficiency by supplying and installing a heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) system avoiding the need to fit trickle vents in the windows...

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    MVHR delivers outstanding results for Hillside House

    Building a new home into the side of a hill gave the Weeden family in Sevenoaks, Kent, even more reasons to choose a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery...

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